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Auto Body Repair

We will provide FREE estimates on frame and unibody repairs of your vehicle.  Our technicians are ICAR-certified and are properly trained to use advanced weld techniques and have full knowledge of your vehicle's infrastructure and equipment. When you are looking for complete collision repair that goes above and beyond all safety standards, you can trust Karl's Auto Body.

Advanced Frame and Unibody Repair

"You accommodated my situation. I will recommend you to anyone."

- Craig M.

Cars typically use a unibody frame design, while most trucks utilize a full-frame design. Our team will diagnose any issues with the latest equipment available for a precise measurement.

Diagnosing all frame and unibody issues

The frame functions as the reference point for alignment for all other parts and provides safety in the event of a wreck. If you are involved in a collision, the frame helps to absorb energy to protect you. When an accident occurs, you lose these capabilities and the frame does not function properly.

Rebuilding your frame after any accident

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